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Free energetics camp @ TalTech
for kids from 7 to 16
What is enerhack camp?
We talk about energetics in an interesting way - TalTech lecturers and students conduct classes and organize experiments with children.
We play chess in the fresh air - we teach to think logically and analytically. Chess lessons and games are conducted by experienced chess coaches.
We will take a tour of TalTech campus, see a self driving car, visit a gas station, XR laboratory, a near-zero energy building and much more.
Every day we do sports in the fresh air or in case of bad weather in the TalTech sports building. We organize competitions and events.
The groups have children with different mother tongues together, which gives them the opportunity to get to know different cultures in a playful way.
All our group leaders speak Estonian Russian.
Classes are held in Estonian and Russian.
Our supporters
We are grateful to our good supporters who helped create the camp!
3 days
8.07.21 to 28.08.21
Mo-We & Th-Su
Camp exchanges
4 different exchange themes
Groups up to 16 children
• How do we produce, use and distribute heat?
• Energy efficiency in the use of thermal energy
• Lab with colored flames
Electricity ⚡
Energy in transport
Renewable energy sources ♻️
Thermal energy ☀️
• How do we produce, use and distribute electricity?
• Future trends in electricity
• We organize a workshop: we make an electric motor with magnets
• What fuels do we use in transportation?
• What does the energy of the future look like in the transport sector?
• We visit a compressed gas and biomethane filling station
• Climate neutrality and global warming
• Renewable energy sources vs. traditional energy production methods
• We build the windmill ourselves
One day of a child's life in a camp
meeting at TalTech
we learn chess - tactical exercises, competitions
energy lesson - renewable energy sources, energy in transport
excursion to the compressed gas filling station with a Eesti Gaas
lunch at TalTech canteen
energy lesson - how much parents drive a car, how much they spend on fuel
orienteering in TalTech campus
outdoor sports competitions or in the TalTech sports building
discussing the experiences of the day, getting acquainted with the plan of the next day
Secure territory:
TalTech campus
The camp takes place in the auditoriums, campus and sports building of TalTech University.

Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn